7 Reasons Why Medical Billing for Dental Practice is Crucial

7 reasons why medical billing for dental practice is crucial

Not many dentists are aware of the process of doing medical billing for dental practice. Some even question the legality of medical billing. Medical billing for dental practice is in fact 100% legal. You just need to know the rules and follow the correct steps that medical coding and billing requires. 

Medical billing is a payment practice within the U.S. health system. The process involves a healthcare provider submitting, following up on, and appealing claims with health insurance companies in order to receive payment for services rendered; such as testing, treatments, and procedures.

Medical billing brings substantial benefits to dental offices. In order to help practices understand this process better, we have listed out 7 key benefits why dental practices should start doing medical billing.

7 Reasons Why Medical Billing is Crucial for Dental Practice

1. Increase revenue

Well it should come as no surprise that the number one reason to add medical billing is to increase the revenue in your dental practice. Offices doing cross billing have statistically made an average 30-40% more revenue than traditional practices billing dental only.

Doctor J in Glendale, CA is one of our clients. Through the process of medical billing and help from New Era Consulting, he managed to receive a payment of almost $3,700 from a medical insurance carrier for a bone grafting procedure. If he has only billed the procedures for dental, Doctor J would likely only receive about $500 for the surgery.

Why medical billing for dental practice is crucial
Medical billing case study

2. Higher case acceptance

According to the ADA, 59% of patients do not go to the dentist due to cost. Most of these patients are unaware that their medical coverage may cover their much needed procedures.

The average dental insurance carrier has an annual plan maximum of $1,000-$2,000. This significantly reduces case acceptance for patients needing mass amounts of treatment and/or limited funds. Did you know that Medical carriers have NO ANNUAL MAXIMUM?

By tapping into the patient’s Medical coverage you can reduce the patients out of pocket significantly. Even in some cases, you can help eliminate the cost entirely.

3. Be a hero

While dental insurance carriers cover standard procedures such as cleanings and fillings, insured patients can still face thousands of dollars in costs for major dental work like crowns and root canals. These procedures are typically covered at only just 50%. On the other hand, intensive procedures such as implants don’t get any coverage.

Medical insurance, on the other hand, usually offers more coverage. By doing medical billing in your dental practice, you can help your patients in a way that most other offices cannot. Be a hero and help your patients maximize their coverage.

4. Treat more patients

You can attract new patients by differentiating your practice with the ability to bill procedures to Medical Insurance. Providing additional ways for patients to pay their treatment will place your practice at an advantage. This will most likely create a natural referral system in your office that practices which do not do medical billing cannot compete with. 

5. Increase patient overall health

Through the medical billing process, you can make a difference. By reducing the cost of treatment for patients, you can help bring them the treatment they need and improve their overall oral health.

increase patient overall health by doing medical billing for dental practice

6. You are already doing it

Up to 70% of the procedures that may be billable to medical should be procedures you are already doing in your practice, procedures such as exams, Pano’s, SRP’s, implants, bone grafting, extractions, and many other procedures.

Medically Billable Procedures Include:

  • CT scans & exams
  • Consults for medically necessary procedures
  • Sleep Apnea Appliances
  • Oral Surgery
  • TMJ Disorder Treatment and appliances
  • Sinus Lifts and Bone Grafts
  • Mucositis
  • Tooth Loss due to trauma or systemic conditions
  • Oral Systemic Infection
  • Botox injections for painful bruxism
  • Excisions
  • Biopsies
  • Reconstruction due to trauma or conditions
  • Endodontics due to trauma or medical conditions
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Bone Atrophy that results in ill-fitting dentures
  • Denture Pressure ulcers
  • Many More Procedures

7. Keep your practice healthy

Keeping a steady and consistent flow of revenue from alternative sources is a great way to ensure stability and increase as well as maintain the health of your practice.

dental practice

To conclude

Overall, medical billing is a crucial process that dental offices need to implement right away. If you want to learn more about medical billing for dental practices, follow us to receive more helpful content in the future. Also, don’t forget to visit our medical billing service page to learn how we can help you through the whole process.

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