REMEDI REMEX-T100 | Portable Dental X-Ray Camera

The REMEDI REMEX-T100 is the lightest, the smallest, and the highest performance of 70kV portable dental x-ray camera.

  • Conveniently transportable handheld x-ray machine.
  • Can be used in office, surgery suites, humanitarian work.
  • Easily take an x-ray in your dental chair anytime during procedures.
  • No cumbersome stand or cables needed.
  • Cordless, rechargeable batteries. More than 250 procedures per charge.
  • Lightweight, highly convenient. No motion artifacts; blur-free radiographs.

$5,499.00 $4,500.00


One REMEX portable dental x-ray camera can easily serve 3-4 operatories, thus saving you money.

  • No special accommodations required
  • A handheld x-ray machine that goes to the patient’s location
  • Conveniently transportable anywhere: office, surgery suites, humanitarian work
  • Easily take an x-ray anytime during procedures
  • No cumbersome wall mount or cable needed
  • Cordless, rechargeable batteries. More than 250 exposures per charge
  • A lightweight, highly convenient x-ray equipment
  • No motion artifacts; blur-free radiographs
  • Works with digital sensors, film, phosphor plates
  • 0.4 mm focal spot produces sharp, high-resolution images
  • Low patient dosage
  • Internal shielding protect the operator

REMEDI REMEX-T100 Portable Dental X-ray Camera


Technical Specifications

  • Model: REMEDI REMEX-T100
  • X-ray tube voltage (kV): 70
  • Stationary or Portable: Portable
  • Digital or cine film unit: Cine film
  • Length, cm: 15
  • Weight (kg): 1.8
  • Focal spot, mm: 0.4
  • Surgical: Yes
  • 3D function: Yes
  • Width, sm: 13.5
  • Height, sm: 17.5