[LIGHT] OPELA III Wearable Surgical Light System

The OPELA III wearable surgical light system is the next-generation of surgical lights.


OPELA III Wearable Surgical Light System

Product Features

We want to redesign the surgical light system that is essential in surgical operations to better meet the needs of on-site staff. Our solution is an innovative product that minimizes shadows, renders natural colors with high accuracy, and far exceeds the specifications of medical headlights.

With 145,000 lux of light output, the OPELA III will change the way surgical procedures are performed not just in general hospitals but everywhere from local clinics to specialized medical environments. The OPELA III is the answer to physicians who have always wished for better light to see the affected area.

Key Features

High Illuminance Light Sources

Our unique heat sink (patent granted, design registered) and the use of three LED surgical lights achieved high illuminance white light level in spite of its compactness.

145,000 lux (at 350 mm)

96,000 lux (at 500 mm)

CRI/RA (R1 to R15): more than 90, R9: 90

Color temperature: 4,500 K

Reach Deep and Wall Area

Our original cross-light distribution provides a depth of field deep enough to illuminate wall areas of the operating room and minimizes shadows of the surgeon’s hands and medical equipment on the operating table. OPELA III’s excellent shadow control and color rendition make the surgical procedure easier.

Gentle to Eyes

Optical design in accordance with the standard for surgical light is implemented. The outline of illuminated light field is blurred, reducing fatigue for the eyes of the surgeons.

Easy Movement & Comfort

The OPELA III surgical light system is powered by battery and wireless. The Center of gravity is positioned as centrally as possible to reduce the feeling of weight.

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