[GOWN] Level 2 Protective Isolation Gown

The Level 2 Isolation Gown is a single-use disposable protective gown.


Level 2 Protective Isolation Gown

Product Features

Main Benefits of Level 2 Protective Isolation Gowns

Level 2 Protective Isolation Gown minimize exposure to bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, body fluids, and infections. These gowns also provide a higher barrier of protection than Level 2 isolation gowns. Tied from behind the waist and neck, and with elastic wrist cuffs, this gown offers a comfortable and tight fit for the user.

Gowns with level 2 protection are ideal for moderate risk scenarios such as blood draws from arteries, inserting IVs, and ER or trauma work which require sterile gowns and equipment. These gowns are also effective against splatters and soaking.
Maximum Protection
• For use when expected risk of exposure to fluid is moderate.
• Heavy-weight 100% non-woven spunbond polypropylene fabric.
• Non-Sterile.
• Recommended for: Drawing arterial blood, inserting I.V. lines, ER, Trauma, Burn Units, Critical Care Units.

level 3 protective isolation gown

Suggested Uses

What are Level 2 gowns?
There are typically 4 different areas that must pass within the critical zones, including two in the front chest and two on the sleeves. If a product passes AATCC 42 and AATCC 127 in all applicable areas, then it qualifies as an AAMI Level 3 surgical gown.

How to use Level 2 Gowns
These Level 2 Isolation Gowns are ideal for back to work personal protection and staff protection. These are generally sterile and for use in healthcare scenarios when there is a medium to high risk of contamination via bodily fluids such as surgical settings and are usually allocated for operating rooms.

Other possible uses include being used for schools, grocery stores, and any other profession which comes into contact with many people.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 0.25 in

Medium, Large


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