[LASER] Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed | Dental CO2 Laser

The SmartXide Ultraspeed laser brings optimal clinical conditions and prognoses for post-operative recovery with minimal downtime.


Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed | Dental CO2 Laser

Product Features

CO2 10,600 nm Wavelength

The benefits and safety of the CO2 10,600 nm wavelength have been documented in research over many years. The high absorption rate in water always guarantees absolute safety and patient-friendly therapy. Due to its minimal depth of penetration in the soft tissue (100-200 micron) and the high absorption rate in the water, underlying or surrounding tissue cannot be damaged or compromised.

With the SmartXide Ultraspeed CO2 laser, most surgical procedures can be performed with fewer anesthetics and perfect coagulation, resulting in less pain and swelling. These added benefits of optimal and predictable recovery and minimal downtime give the practitioner and patient security and assurance. Also, the bacteria reducing properties of the CO2 10,600 nm wavelength have been well documented.

The Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed dental laser system adds previously unknown problem-solving skills to the dental practice.


The special design of the SmartXide Ultraspeed always allows the practitioner to feel completely at ease when using this dental CO2 laser. Deka's positioning of the controls and the panel, the shape of the handpieces, each detail is the result of years of collaboration with hundreds of experts. Additionally, the exclusive LCD color Touch Screen increases and perfects user-friendliness.

This Deka CO2 laser machine offers different handpieces for use in periodontics, endodontics, and implantology, making all options for treatment available.


The SmartXide Ultraspeed represents state-of-the-art technology in dental CO2 lasers. Firstly, the system has an average power of up to 40 W, which allows high-speed treatments, multiple pulse shapes, and perfectly designed handpieces. Such features make this laser machine the perfect tool to assist dentists in all demanding surgical procedures.

Secondly, the CO2 laser system can easily be moved. It is totally self-contained and requires no water or air connections.

Finally, the SmartXide Ultraspeed provides laser emission-free carbonization on the tissue, giving the practitioner a clear view without obstruction at all times.

Hand Pieces

This Deka CO2 laser offer light and stylized handpieces that facilitate easy access to all parts of the oral cavity. A specially designed 50 mm, 120 degree, handpiece allows for very fine incisions. It is desirable in oral surgery and implantology.

Moreover, the SmartXide Ultraspeed has special adapters that accommodate probes for perio and endo use. All handpieces can be used to vaporize tissue as part of different therapies and are easily changeable during laser therapy.

Accessories for the Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed

Straight Handpieces with inserts for:
- 120-degree/ 50mm surgical adapter
- 105-degree perio and endo adapter
- 90-degree surgical adapter
- Straight surgical adapter

Main Applications for the Deka SmartXide Ultraspeed

Some of the main applications of uses for the Deka include Maxillofacial Surgery, General Dentistry, Conservative Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Implantology.

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