PPE Maintenance Procedures Checklist

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Many people primarily focus on the selection and use of personal protective equipment, but they overlook the maintenance and care. It’s a very important step when using PPE. In this article, we’ve provided a brief PPE maintenance procedures checklist.

Respiratory Maintenance

  • Clean and disinfect them after use. 
  • Check for problems that could potentially interfere with the functionality and efficiency of the product. 
  • Store it in a place that is environmentally stable/friendly. 
  • Leave the respirator in a position that the original position of the mask came in to maintain their shape. 

Eyewear Maintenance

  • Clean face shields or safety glasses with soap and warm water.
  • Before wiping the lenses, rinse with water to prevent scratching.
  • Store your eyewear protection equipment in an area that is preferably dust free. 
  • Replace any kind of eye protection that impairs vision.

Glove Maintenance

  • Keep your gloves clean and dry.
  • Always carry a spare pair in case your gloves do get wet.
  • Check for malfunctions like holes or cracks.
  • Replace damaged or worn gloves immediately.


As we know, the pandemic is slowly gaining strength again. As a precaution, please take the time to follow our proper PPE maintenance procedures checklist. It’s important to keep in mind for the safety of both the practitioner as well as the patients. 

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