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pH Dental Has You Covered.

Expand your Practice's Billables With Medical Billing for Dentists, 3D CBCT Imaging, & CO2 Dental Lasers!

Already perform these procedures? They're billable to medical insurances.

Face it: you are getting paid less for the same procedures by billing only to dental insurance. Our dedicated and experienced billers can change that.

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pH Dental is also a leading provider of 3D CBCT Imaging Systems.

CBCT Imaging is not the future standard of dental care. It is the current standard of care.

Make it Visible with the Prexion 3D Excelsior CBCT.

Analyze Airways for Sleep Medicine with Your Prexion!

Combined with Medical Billing, the System Pays for Itself. It's a No-Brainer.


Open Up New Possibilities with Dental CO2 Lasers.

Competition between dentist offices is tough and will only get tougher. Set your practice apart from the rest of the pack by expanding the procedures you can offer patients with Dental Lasers.

No Scalpels, No Post-Op Pain.
Patients will love you.

pH Dental Inc.

3D CBCT Imaging Systems  |  Medical Billing for Dentists  | Denti-Medi Lasers

pH Dental Inc. is a leader in dental, medical, technology and services based out of southern California. By forging strong partnerships both domestically and globally, pH Dental Inc is able to provide the most dependable products to our clients and customers. When you make a purchase from us, you have our full commitment to provide high quality products with exceptional service and support.

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As your premier dental consulting company, we are provide smooth and stress-free solutions for your practice. Our goal is to improve all aspects of how your practice works to increase patients, case acceptance, and revenue.

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Our team is comprised of driven individuals with extensive experience in the dental field whom are passionate in helping your practice thrive. 

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