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With dental equipment that has been surfacing from the dynamic change of the industry, many things become overlooked. However, a CBCT is something you can’t
The progression in technology within the medical field has been astounding in the past few years. With the different types of innovative technologies today, many
Something very frustrating dealing with as a dental practitioner is when people flake on their appointment. With so many obligations, people tend to prioritize social
One of the most asked questions we receive from dentists is, “what can increase productivity in a dental office?”. As your dental office grows and
There has been a change in precedent recently as a result of the pandemic. With the change in pace, everyone has equal risk of contracting
Many people primarily focus on the selection and use of personal protective equipment, but they overlook the maintenance and care. It’s a very important step
An unprecedented time has come over all businesses internationally. Even now, no one is entirely sure what’s going to turn out from this pandemic. However,
SWOT analysis (or SWOT matrix) is a simple, yet powerful business tool that allows businesses to develop strategies and make decisions based on an assessment
As workers of the medical field, there have been new guidelines and regulations that have been brought to light during COVID-19. A fairly trivial topic
One of the most asked questions we get from dentists is “how to get more patients”. If you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in the
During this post-lockdown period, dental offices must continue to review and update their infection control protocols. Many offices are using soft-reopening to assess the situation,
There are plenty of social media platforms out there. But which are the best platforms for dentists to do social media marketing? Traditionally, dental practices

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