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Medical Billing for Dentists Made Easy

New Era Consulting (developed by pH Dental) is a service focusing on medical billing for dentists. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing the highest service quality for dental practices and offices. At New Era, our mission is to reduce claim errors, decrease turnaround time on payments, increase medical reimbursement of claims paid by medical insurance carriers, and make sure each client is completely satisfied with our services. Welcome to the dawn of a New Era, medical billing for dental professionals.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Medical Billing?

Increase Patients

Increase Patients

Nationally, 114 million people have no dental coverage, compared to an estimated 28 million who lack medical coverage. As a result, attracting new patients by differentiating your dental practice with the ability to bill procedures to Medical Insurance.

Increase Case Acceptance

Increase Case Acceptance

Unfortunately, 26.5% of Adults have incomplete dental treatment with cost being the number one deterrent for treatment. However, most of these patients are unaware that their medical coverage may cover their much needed dental procedures.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Surprisingly, dental insurance has very limited coverage maximums between $1000 to $2000 on average. On the other hand, most medical plans do not have annual maximum allowances. Plus, they have much higher medical reimbursements!

Make A Difference

Make a Difference

As a health care service provider, you can make a difference through the medical billing process. By submitting, following up on, and appealing medical claims with health insurance companies, you can help patients receive coverage for services rendered, such as testing, treatments, and dental procedures. In some cases, you can even help to reduce the cost for patients entirely.

In turn, implementing medical billing bring patients the treatments they need and improve their overall oral health.

Certified Professional Biller (CPB) with AAPC

The only medical billing for dentists company with a Medical Doctor on staff

Streamlined processes, forms, and templates

Medically Billable Procedures

Medical billing cycle

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