Implant Surgical Guide

Implant Surgical Guide

Fastest case turn-around times!

We can accommodate any implant system!

Experienced and dedicated planners!

implant surgical guide

pH Implant Surgical Guide is your trusted source for dental implant placement planning, 3D-printed surgical guides, and dental lab work. Our planners have decades of treatment planning experience and can create guides for any implant cases or systems. Whether you are an expert or new to implants, we can accommodate your level of expertise to produce the most optimal outcomes. 

Our comprehensive planning software reports include simple suggested surgical drilling sequences to make things even more more precise and straightforward. Enjoy more accurate & predictable results, reduced surgery times, and peace of mind!

  • Our guides are customizable to different implant systems.
  • Can create guides from single implant guides to fully edentulous and All-on-3 guides.
  • Open Sleeve Guides for better irrigation to reduce overheating and also to allow better drill accessibility.
  • Detailed documented planning reports with recommended drilling sequences. Remote access conferences are available for planning reviews and approvals.
  • 24-48 hours turn-around time available for rush cases.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Implant Surgical Guide?

More Accurate Procedures

More Accurate Procedures

Using 3D CBCT Imaging, our experienced planners can ensure the implant is placed in the optimal position for stability and restoration. The surgical stent controls the depth and position when you drill, meaning less surprises, and less stress on you!

Faster Implant Surgeries

Faster Implant Surgeries

Using implant surgical guide greatly reduces surgery time in most cases.  A five-minute implant placement? Our guides make it possible! Our implant planners provide you instructions on recommended drill sequences to speed up and make the process streamlined.

Bill the Guide Medically

Bill the Guide Medically

Yes, surgical guides are billable to medical. You can increase your revenue! For more information, read about our medical billing.

Implant Surgical Guide Process

Surgical guide process step 1

Patient CBCT Scan(s)

Surgical guide process step 2

Stone Model or Intraoral Scan

Surgical guide process step 3

Implant Planning & Approval

Surgical guide process step 4

Guide 3D Fabrication

Surgical guide process step 5

Guide Ready for Surgery!

We can create guides for both edentulous and non-edentulous patients.

implant surgical guide tooth supported
implant surgical guide musosa supported

Sample Fully Guided Drilling Sequence Placing A 3.5x10mm Implant

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 1

Surgical guide sleeve will determine depth or drilling based on surgical guide planning.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 2

Use cortical drill and drill down as far as guide sleeve will allow.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 3

Continue with recommended drilling sequence, in this case 2.2x14mm bur.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 4

Continue with the 2.8×2.8mm bur which will widen the osteotomy further.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 5

For adequately dense bone, use forward drilling mode with 3.3x14mm bur to create final osteotomy. 

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 6

OR for soft bone, use reverse drilling mode with 3.3x14mm bur to densify bone outward to create final osteotomy.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 7

Use hand piece driver to place 3.5x10mm implant with the surgical guide still on. Hand torque implant as needed.

Implant Surgical Guide Sample Sequence Step 8

Finished implant placement.

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