PAX 2000X Extraoral Dental Suction System



Front view of PAX 2000X extraoral suction system

Aviation grade wheels that are lockable for easy mobility and positioning.

Keys are provided to access the interior of the unit in order to prevent tampering.

Rotating, segmented arm makes positioning the PAX easy.

Highly effective suction hood is designed to be positioned 6-7" from the patient's mouth for best efficiency.

Two handles make moving the PAX a breeze from any side.

Simple control panel makes it easy to operate the PAX. Easily change between the 10 power settings.

Noise reducing filters in the arm help limit the unit decibels without sacrificing performance.


Our most powerful extraoral dental suction system leads the fight against aerosol contamination.

An extraoral suction system is vital to a dental office’s defense. Dangerous aerosol particles created during dental treatment contaminate your operatory with bacteria and viruses. These invaders can linger in your office for hours or even days! This leads to safety risks for patients and staff alike. The PAX 2000X is designed to effectively suction these aerosols, filtering 99.995% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. Your demanding job is to do the treatments. Leave the aerosol particles to the PAX 2000X.

dentist using extraoral suction system on patient
motor icon

USA Manufactured Motor

power lightning bolt icon

1600W of Suction Power

hepa filter icon

Medical Grade H14 HEPA Filter

wheel icon

Smooth Lockable Wheels

360 degrees icon

360° Adjustable Arm

UV light icon

Dual UV-C Bulb Disinfection

A multi-Stage filtration system for patient and staff peace of mind.

Primary Fine Filter

First defense on the PAX 2000X is the primary fine filter, which captures larger particles and droplets.

USA Made Motor

Powered by a 1600w motor manufactured in the United States, the PAX  2000X delivers exceptional suction for all your needs.

pax 2000X motor

Dual UV-C Disinfection

What’s better than one UV-C bulb to kill and disinfect bacteria and viruses? That’s easy: two.

two UV light bulbs

99.995% H14 HEPA Filter

Medical grade HEPA filters are a must to stop germs and other particles. H14s are the best HEPA filters around and are able to filter 99.995% of particles down to 0.1microns.

PAX 2000X HEPA Filter

The clear path to clean air.

pax 2000X air flow diagram

After moving through the filtration system, clean air is exhausted from this opening.

Air and aerosol suctioned by the hood goes through the arm and then enters the unit here.

Primary Fine Filter

USA Manufactured Motor

Dual UV-C Bulb Disinfection System

H14 HEPA Filter (99.995%)

Noise Reduction Filters

Inside the arm of the PAX 2000X are a set of noise reducing filters that dampen the level of sound. As a result, we are able to minimize decibel levels while maximizing suction power. 

Noise Level Comparison


30 decibels


40 decibels

Normal Conversation

60 decibels

PAX 2000X Extraoral Suction System

70 decibels


75 decibels

Heavy City Traffic

85 decibels

Ambulance Siren

120 decibels

One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

You are fully covered under our extensive warranty for one full year. An extended warranty is available for purchase for extra peace of mind.

Unlimited Tech Support

Our world-class support will assist you with any concerns or issues that may arise until you are fully satisfied.


PAX Systems are available for immediate shipping or pickup from our location in Orange, California.

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