Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Dentists

Our Coronavirus resources for dentists

Some states have reopened their economy, and dental practices are considering reopening to non-emergency care for the first time since this pandemic started. At pH Dental, our team is working hard to provide Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Dentists that could prepare them for coming back to work. 

We have compiled a list of all our blogs in the past 3 months related to COVID-19 and practice management below. If you have any question or need help with anything, feel free to leave us a comment in this blog or contact us directly, pH Dental is always here for you and your practice.

Resources to Prepare for Your Practice Reopening

Dental Practice Reopening Checklist Post-COVID-19:

Dental Practice Reopening Announcement (Sample Letter):

Dental Practice Reopening Shopping List:

Extraoral Dental Suction System Buying Guide:

Coronavirus Resources for Dentists: Practice Management Tips

What Makes a Dental Practice Successful During This Tough Time:

How to Avoid Cyberattacks with Teledentistry:

How to Use COVID-19 Downtime for Dental Office Improvements:

Dental Marketing During Coronavirus:

Facebook Post Ideas for Dental Practices During this Lockdown:

COVID-19 Safety Feedback Survey Template:

6 Ways Your Practice Can Lift Patients’ Spirits During this Pandemic:

How to Motivate Dental Staff Post-COVID-19:

Infection Control in the Dental Setting

How to Prevent Cross-Contamination During Dental Care:

Transmission Routes of COVID-19 in the Dental Setting:

Dental Patient Screening During COVID-19:

Dental Patient Check-In Process During COVID-19:

How to Change the Dental Waiting Room During COVID-19:

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Our team will continue to work extremely hard in the upcoming weeks to ensure that your practice could reopen safely, bring back your patients, and regain revenue. Don’t forget to check back with us frequently to keep up with our resources. 

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