Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Assistance

covid-19 client assistance

Dear Valued Doctors and Clients,

We’ve all seen better times than now. Although pH Dental doesn’t intend to be another source of COVID-19 news- because let’s be real, global pandemics are not our area of expertise. However, what we do know is you and your practice and how to help our clients. At pH Dental we have always prided ourselves on our ability to innovate and to use those innovations to propel the success of our clients. Now is no different, and we realize that now more than ever our clients need us on their side. 

We wanted to reach out and let you know that although we may not be your course for COVID-19 news we will most certainly commit to continue to be your source for success. The following is a list of services and solutions we feel would be useful to our clients. It is a list of solutions that we are proud to offer assistance with and/or advice of. And although our corporate office is currently closed. Please know that all of our dedicated staff are working diligently from home to keep you successful in these trying times. 

We are still here to support all of your needs. So if you have questions, need supplies, advice, or just someone to talk to. We are all still at your service and proudly serving you and your practice needs when you need us the most. Should you have any questions about the following list, need revenue ideas, supplies or anything we can help with we are always just a phone call or email away.

COVID-19 Resources list:

1. Call your Leasing agent or Landlord– As you may be aware our President has suspended all evictions of any sort so if you need to make arrangements or can not make you practice lease payment at this time feel free to contact your landlord and make arrangements utilizing this now mandated rule. 

2. Payments owed to pH Dental – We understand that most practices are currently closed and may be experiencing financial hardship. This is why we have suspended payments on all accounts. If you wish to make further payment arrangements or extend your payments feel free to reach out and we will be happy to work with you on this. 

3. Running low on funds? – Payroll and keeping your business afloat may be something that is weighing heavily on your mind at this time. Should you have a need we may be able to assist you with procuring Working Capital with reasonable repayment terms to help keep things afloat until your back on your feet. Contact us immediately if you wish to discuss a working capital loan for your practice.

4. Need N95 Masks? – To help support all of our doctors who are still providing emergency care to patients we have a LIMITED SUPPLY of N95 mask. We currently have 200 masks available for $6.00 each. Feel free to reach out should you wish to order. 

5. Practice Closed and only seeing Emergencies?– If you are like thousands of other practices who have closed their doors due to the COVID-19 crisis, then now is the perfect time to utilize what sets you apart from the rest. As you know most emergency visits can be billed medically and can pay upwards of 3x’s what may be paid by dental. Now is the most important time to make sure you are utilizing your patients medical benefits. Remember billing Medical first is not only a great benefit to the practice but also to your patients. By utilizing Medical billing for their visit you will Increase Practice Revenue and Decrease in most cases patient out -of -pocket expenses. Contact our billing department for more details.

6. Need Supplies? – As previously stated although we are currently and very temporarily out of the office we are still here to provide all of your needs. Should you have a need for any supplies feel free to contact your Practice advisor or contact our office. We will be happy to aid in any of your supply needs

7. Help! – This is a short list of the most frequent questions and concerns of our clients but keep in mind that our resources to you are just as active and extensive as before. Should you have any needs, questions, concerns or need help in any way please feel free to contact us WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

Now is no different than any other here at pH Dental when it comes to our commitment to support all of our clients. We are here to show up for you Now- and whenever you need us. From our team to you and  yours we wish you the best. And will continue to stay committed to your success throughout this pandemic and economic crisis.


Vu To, CEO

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24 thoughts on “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Assistance”

  1. I would like to PRE-Order the PAX2000 but my facility requires a quote and full instruction for use. I was not able to find the instructions for use or cleaning instructions on your website. Are you able to provide those, so i can get the deposit going?

  2. Barin, s.a. is a Company specialized in source extraction for diferent pollutants (welding fumes, soldering fumes, gases, vapours… You can visit our web http://www.barin.es
    We cover all Spain, we represent the best Companies as Plymovent, Dustcontrol, Purex…
    We are receiving calls from dentists asking for products like you have Extraoral dental suction system.
    Do you have Distributor for this Product of product.
    Can be a nice opportunity

    1. Hello. Thank you for your interest in our product. We will contact you shortly via email regarding your inquiry.

  3. joseph locurto

    what is the difference between the Pax 1000 and Pax 2000? Is it just the size? Do you provide financing?

    1. Hi Joseph! The PAX2000 and PAX1000 is different in terms of suction power, size, weight, and noise generated. We will send you a comparison chart between the 2 systems to your email. We do provide financing but it is only available for very large quantity.

  4. We re interested in 11-15 units of dental extraoral suction system. Can u please provide instruction, difference between pax 1000 and pax 2000, cleaning instruction, specification, usesand cleaning instruction for both systems, filter schedule/maintenance. When is the earliest these systems can be deliver? do you offer government pricing for large order?

    1. Hi Teri. Thank you for your interest in our PAX system. Our office will reach out to you via your email regarding your questions.

  5. Dr. F. ALDujaili

    Interested in PAX 2000
    Delivary time?
    Where its made?
    How often should the filters be replaced?
    Cost Of filter Replacement?
    Who do I contact to order? Refund policy?

  6. Interested in cleaning and maintenance instructions.
    Any research studies regarding aerosol reduction.
    Also, what type of mask is recommended when using these units for Covid 19 risk reduction.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Amy. We will send you a manual and studies of our PAX2000 to your email address. Thank you for your interest!

      1. Interested in PAX 2000
        When it will be available?
        Delivery time?
        Where its made?
        Spec of the machine?
        Operating and maintenance?
        How often should the filters be replaced?
        Cost Of filter Replacement?
        UV light bulb cost?

        Who do I contact to order?
        Refund policy?

        1. Hi Anh. Thank you for your interest in our PAX2000. Our office will contact you to address all your questions.

    1. Hi Michael. Our office will send the necessary information to your email. Thank you for your interest in our system.

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