CBCT Course

It's time you see the whole picture.

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Introductory CBCT Reading Course:
Broaden Your Practice's Scope with 3D Imaging!

CBCT Reading Course Outline:

10/24/2020 - 9AM to 5PM - 8 CE UNITS

In addition, learn how CBCT 3D Imaging is used
to bill to PPO Medical Insurance and Medicare!

Do you perform any of these medically billable procedures?

Why get paid a fraction of what you can collect from PPO Medical Insurance and Medicare for the same work?

Learn from Experts. Become the Master.

Dr. Stephen Kallaos

Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) from University of California, Los Angeles.

Rikki Maldonado

Medicare / OSA Billing & Training Specialist at pH Dental Inc.

Introductory CBCT Reading Course

10/24/2020 - 9AM to 5PM - 8 CE UNITS

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$300 Course Fee / $150 Early Bird Special if You Register before 10/7.