Best Social Media Platforms for Dental Practices

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There are plenty of social media platforms out there. But which are the Best Social Media Platforms for Dental Practices to do social media marketing?

Traditionally, dental practices often use conventional methods such as word of mouth or flyers. However, more and more dental practices are utilizing social media as their primary tool for marketing. Social media marketing is the best way that dental offices can build relationships with their patients. These platforms are the best places where practices can showcase authority, gain trust, and build patient loyalty. Different platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, have different users’ demographics and functions.

In this article, we are going to give a quick overview of each social media platform, make comparisons, and give our recommendations.

Different social media platforms target different audiences

Before going deeper into each social media platform, it is important to acknowledge that each platform is preferred by users with different demographics, behaviors, and psychographics. For example, Instagram’s main audience primarily consists of individuals who are 13-27 years old. On the other hand, Facebook has an audience range from 18 to 49 years old. Another example is that users of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest often prefer to consume visual content.

Therefore, the choice of social media platforms depends greatly on your practice and your targeted patients, for instance, do you offer services for all age groups or primarily for seniors, or do you have a strong marketing team that can create enough distinct visual content. Now we will give you comparisons between all of the platforms so that you can decide what fits your needs and your preferability. 

What Are the Best Social Media Platforms for Dental Practices


Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform. With most active users of over 2 billion and a diverse range of users, Facebook is a must-have platform for promoting your business. Additionally, Facebook is quick and easy to use and consumes various content types, including texts, images, videos, and stories. Facebook can quickly build your practice’s awareness, website traffic, online conversations, and bring in new patients. Moreover, Facebook has probably the most robust advertising tool among all social media platforms. Facebook Ads allows you to target patients by age, gender, location, employment, interests, behaviors, relationship status, and much more. If you want to learn more about Facebook Ads, we will create a detailed guide for dental professionals in the near future.

How to utilize Facebook: To start building your Facebook account, publicize your page, and add links to it anywhere you can to slowly start building your followers. The more people are engaging on your page, the more frequently you’ll appear in other timelines. 

On Facebook, your practice should share relevant content that your potential patients might be interested in. These can include dental health tips and facts, providing updates, sharing patients’ stories, and answering any questions or concerns. As mentioned before, Facebook Ads is a useful tool that can provide strong leads of potential patients who might be looking for your dental services.


Instagram has a whopping 500 million daily active users. The presence in the U.S. makes it a great platform to promote your business. It is important to note that Facebook owns Instagram, so the two platforms share many similarities in functions and advertising. However, Instagram is a more visual platform where most content is consumed in images or videos. This gives Instagram a unique appeal. For dental offices, Instagram is easily the best platform to showcase your dental cases.

The general primary age being around 18-24 year-olds. Instagram is very effective in engaging with your customers as well as accessibility to partner with influencers. Instagram the second platform that we highly recommend for dental offices. Increasing engagements and follows for your page will add to even more potential leads and patients for your business.

How to utilize Instagram: Instagram is a great place to post pictures of your patients such as before – after images or photos of the procedures. However, remember not to post graphic pictures that may make viewers uncomfortable. Additionally, use branded or popular hashtags that are relevant to your practice.


One of the biggest media creation platforms, YouTube has the most widespread and general use among every U.S. adult, even outranking Facebook. YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users. Similar to Instagram, YouTube has the benefit of visual content. Moreover, being owned by Google, YouTube has access to Google Ads, an advertising platform with limitless potential. 

However, the downside to using Youtube is the difficulty of building a fanbase. With the international use of Youtube, it’s harder to focus on local patients. Therefore, even though YouTube is a great way to share great visual content with your patients, it should be used in conjunction with other social media platforms.

How to utilize YouTube: Through YouTube videos, you can showcase your expertise as well as increase awareness of your business. For example, post videos of your office, procedure demonstrations, before – after patient testimonials, and oral health tips.


There are over 300 million people who use Pinterest worldwide. The visual first focus of this platform makes it primarily useful for focusing on products as well as inspirational content for people to see. The primary users of Pinterest are either 18-24 years old or 30-49 years old, with a large portion of them being female. Pinterest doesn’t have a strong advertising platform like Facebook or YouTube. 

How to utilize Pinterest: Pinterest doesn’t have a strong advertising platform like Facebook or YouTube. However, it has great potential to grow your audience organically. Dental offices can reach audiences through keywords targeting. Popular pins that dental offices can create to reach audiences on Pinterest are dental tips and facts, motivational quotes, and fun content.

Example of Pinterest social media marketing for dentists


The largest growing media creation on the market, Tiktok has been growing at a faster rate than all companies combined. It is a great platform to reach the young Gen Z generation as the videos created are very short in time and highly consumable (15 seconds). Many dentists are using TikTok to showcase advanced procedures and sharing dental tips that the public can easily understand. It’s a great way to spread knowledge as well as promoting your dental office to the public. If your practice has the marketing power to create such content, we would highly recommend TikTok as a social media platform to capture new audiences.

How to utilize TikTok: TikTok’s algorithm allows people who “like” videos that relate to dentistry to see more videos of that topic in the future. Thus, creating interesting and creative content is a must. For example, dental offices can post interesting procedural processes, upload dental tips, or even fun videos like getting your staff together to do a trendy dance.


This social media platform filters through 175 million posts/tweets daily and allows users to consume quick information and photos. Like Facebook, Twitter also has a broad audience of different backgrounds. However, Twitter’s biggest drawback is that it is difficult to capture the attention of your viewers. With Twitter, you will have to create content that is enticing to stop scrolling and reading what you have to say. Nevertheless, Twitter is an excellent platform for dental professionals to showcase their expertise. 

How to utilize Twitter: Dentists can use hashtags relating to your practice to draw attention from people interested in dentistry topics. Twitter is also a great platform for interaction with patients, such as responding to your patients’ questions or asking your patients for feedback. You can also use this platform to make discussions, provide values, and share your opinion on popular topics in the dental industry. 


With 303 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is a large platform that primarily favors those with professional careers. Dentists often don’t consider LinkedIn as a relevant social media to use for marketing. However, LinkedIn can be a great platform for dentists to grow their practice.

How to utilize LinkedIn: On LinkedIn, you can easily meet new people from the same industry or people that have similar interests. You will be able to engage in conversation with others and expand your knowledge, in turn, growing your patient base. 

Our Recommendations for the Best Social Media Platforms for Dental Practices

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When it comes to social media marketing for dentists, Facebook is a must-have platform. It is easily accessible to the public as well as having the best social media advertising tool. Facebook also allows you to reach out to your local patients easily. 

If you have time and resources, we recommend that your practice choose whatever platforms cater to your business needs. Determining your platform is all based upon what and who your intended audience is. Conduct your own research as well as reevaluating your practice to see what works best for you. Some platforms may be more beneficial to your practice than others. However, all social media can make it very efficient in promoting your business and attracting more patients. There will always be opportunities for trials and errors.

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