6 Ways Your Practice Can Lift Patients’ Spirits This Pandemic

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Working in the dental industry, you are the prime example of instilling the confidence back into your patient’s appearance. Cosmetically, dentistry by far is the sure hold method to building back a person’s identity as well as physical confidence. However, what about mentally? Mental Health is extremely important and is  why we are sharing 6 Ways Your Practice Can Lift Patients’ Spirits This Pandemic.

During this tough time, many patients seem to be struggling due to the effects of COVID-19. With all the restless events taking place throughout our society, can you do anything to lift your patients’ spirits as a dentist? Here are some ideas.

How To Lift Patients’ Spirits During COVID-19

1. Spread your positive energy

If you want to lift your patients’ spirits, the first thing you need to do is to fill your practice and dental team with positive energy and optimism. Staying optimistic about the situation tends to breed and spread positive energy to your patients. By acting as a figure of hope and confidence for your patients, it gives them the assurance we can all get through this tough time together.

To start, all dental professionals must keep a growth mindset. Staying complacent with your practice will lead to stagnant business as well as prevent you from keeping up with innovations. Reevaluating your practice at the end of a workday is an excellent method to reflect on what you think is effective and what is not, especially with the changes you need to make due to the pandemic, such as new infection control procedures and new dental tools to remove aerosols.

Continuing to implement new changes to accommodate the new normal allows dental professionals to step up to the plate and act as a role model for patients.

2. Make oral health one less thing to worry about

During this tough time, there’s no doubt that your patients have many things on their minds, jobs, finances, safety, to name a few. Having problems with their teeth only brings them more stress and anxiety. As dental professionals, you can always help improve others’ oral health even without seeing them in-person. Ensure with your patients that you will always have their back and keep their teeth healthy.

With your dentistry expertise, you can share tips and guidelines for healthier teeth through blogs or social media posts. Additionally, practices can provide teledentistry services so that patients can receive dental care at home without the fear of getting COVID-19 through in-person contact.

example of dental health tips


Share similar content with your patients

3. 6 Ways Your Practice Can Lift Patients’ Spirits This Pandemic:
Utilize social media

One small text of words can impact an individual’s entire day. It doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly frequent. However, posting motivational content once in a while can be the light someone may need to fuel their day. That little push towards positivity can go a long way in a world where some may not expect. 

For example, dental practices could create motivational content such as followings:

  • Show patients how your practice is coping with the new normal to survive through this pandemic.
  • Tell stories about dental staff who are working hard despite facing high risks of infection.
  • Share inspiring quotes.
  • Update positive news related to combating COVID-19.
  • Share appreciation for other health care workers across the country.

dental practice motivational social media post example

4. Use email blasts 

Another way that you can spread positive energy to your patients is by communicating with them through email. Let them know that you empathize and feel the same as they do about the entire situation. Tell your patients that what they are going through, you are going through as well.

Additionally, you can also follow up the email with a reopening announcement that informs your patients about new changes to your office that adhere to the infection control guidelines. Through this email, you are showing your patients that things are returning to normal and that your practice has a growth mindset.

5.  Reach out to them on a personal level

Your practice can also lift patients’ spirits by showing how much you care about them. For instance, send them a message through email or social media such as “We hope you’re doing well” or “We’re in this together.” Knowing that you are there helping them every step of the way as well as prioritizing their safety is crucial in boosting their confidence. Moreover, staying connected with your patients can improve your long-term relationships with them.

reach out to your patients on a personal level to lift their spirits


Image of smiling patient looking at the dentist

6. Get your entire team on the same page

Lastly, get your entire dental team on the same page to implement all points we mention above. Make your team understand that every simple act they make in the office can relieve stress and anxiety from the patients, from posting online content, scheduling appointments, to seeing patients in the office.

Conclusion: 6 Ways Your Practice Can Lift Patients’ Spirits This Pandemic

“What can I do to help?” is a question that all dental practices should ask themselves during this pandemic. By helping your patients with morale and confidence, you can build goodwill, trust, and loyalty. Moreover, the faster the world can recover from this pandemic, the better chance your practice has in returning to normal business before COVID-19.

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