5 Dental Industry Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

5 dental industry trends in 2020

In recent years, dental industry trends have seen an increase in advanced technology, creating the term “Digital dentistry.” Conventional methods are rapidly being replaced by new and more precise digital technology, such as cone beam CT, laser, 3D scanner, and 3D printing. 

Additionally, patients today are savvier due to having an unlimited wealth of online information, leading to high demand for dental practices to invest in digital marketing and customer experience management. 

New dental trends appear every year in the dental industry. And our research shows that there will be even more innovative and exciting dental trends this year.

5 Dental Industry Trends in 2020

1. Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry was first explored way back in the 1960s. However, dental lasers have only become popular in the last few decades. The first commercially available dental laser was introduced in 1989.

In the past few years, this technology has taken the industry by storm. Lasers nowadays are used in all areas of General Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery, and Implantology. The best part of laser dentistry is that it’s fast and effortless both for dentists and patients. It eliminates all discomfort during the dental procedure and improves the recovery time.

Dental industry trend: dental laser
There are 4 common laser types in dentistry: Diode, Nd:YAG, Erbium, and CO2

2. Online presence

It is becoming more and more important for practices to have an online presence. Patients nowadays are more technologically savvy than ever. Before deciding on practice, they will go online to visit its website, social media channels, and read online reviews. Most practices now have professional websites that share detailed information about the services offered, doctor bios, and testimonials.

Practices now also use social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to attract new patients and also to provide customer services. Additionally, practices are investing more on SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, as they compete to attract local patients.

SEO can bring more quality traffic to practices’ websites if they rank well. Local SEO is also very important, so practices are also focusing on local-focused keywords when doing SEO, and they are optimizing on Google My Business. Terms such as “dental office in california” or “implants near me” are gaining popularity over time. On the other hand, PPC advertising greatly boosts website traffic and revenue by showing ads to relevant visitors with a high chance of being converted into new patients.

Finally, practices nowadays are operating their own dental blog to blog about interesting dental health topics to show their expertise and attract more patients. Moreover, blogs can also be a support for their SEO strategy.

3. Provide a complete package of customer experience (and do medical billing)

Providing complete customer experience is the key to win more patients. No matter how modern your technology may be, patient experience is the ultimate factor.

Practices now are offering loyalty programs with customized promotions for their patients. Other strategies are used to create more value, such as reducing wait time and offering private consultations.

Moreover, practices also help patients through the medical billing process. By tapping into the patients’ medical coverage, they greatly reduce the patient’s cost for treatment significantly. And even in some cases, they can help reduce the cost entirely.

Medical billing cycle
The medical billing and collection cycle

There are two main reasons why customer experience management is crucial. Firstly, practices want these patients to come back in the future. By keeping them happy and offering them personalized discounts, practices can increase the lifetime value gained from each individual patient. Secondly, satisfied customers generate positive reviews and bring referrals. Patients nowadays read reviews on Yelp and Google before choosing a dental office. So practices are doing their best to encourage patients to leave reviews on such platforms.

4. Digital impression becomes a requirement

The technology of digital impressions, such as 3D CBCT, helps dental professionals to accurately examine the oral conditions according to the most varied medical aspects by capturing a replica of the mouth. Digital impressions increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency for practices. We can expect that this dental trend will only become clearer, and more practices will use this technology in the following years.

For instance, at PreXion, a leading dental cone beam CT brand, all CBCT systems bring clear and sharp panoramic images that generate better diagnostics. PreXion developed a new FPD, X-Ray Tube, and software – coupled with the world’s smallest focal spot of 0.3mm. These technologies allow their cone beam CT systems to deliver industry-leading image clarity with 6 times larger volume rendering for clinical need. These consistently high-quality panoramic images are the new standard of panoramic imaging solutions. 

Cone beam CT scan
PreXion 3D CBCT’s scan

5. 3D printing

3D printing is probably the most exciting future trend in the dental industry. This technology greatly reduces the time and cost to create dental dentures, crowns, braces, aligners, etc. The benefits of 3D printing are numerous. Patients nowadays only need to wait in a matter of minutes to have their dental products. The technology also improves accuracy and precision for dentists. There is no doubt that this dental trend will only get stronger in the near future.

Researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have developed an orthodontic system that uses smart 3D printed braces and flexible, non-toxic batteries. The aim of these braces is to align and straighten the teeth faster due to the LED lights.

So what do these dental industry trends mean for your practice?

Above are 5 dental industry trends in 2020 you should know about. Investment in modern dental equipment and consulting services can be expensive. However, such investment now can help bring in new patients and gain thousands of dollars in the long run.

Do some research. Prepare to invest. And grow your practice starting from today.

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